Why Spring is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Flooring

Here at Ron Pak Carpets we wanted to let you all know why Springtime is the best time to replace your flooring.
1 – Tolerable (dare we say pleasant) temperatures & humidity levels play an important role when installing your new flooring. The Springtime temps are just right (most of the time) & the humidity is much better than in an Arkansas Summer!
2 – Good ventilation is essential when replacing flooring. Most Spring days you can open windows or doors to vent out the smells & fumes from most sealers, stains & adhesives, but beware of the pollen!
3 – Having doors open won’t be uncomfortable. You will be hauling your old flooring out the door while bringing the new flooring in & workers may be going in and out of your home many times in the day. During the Spring you won’t die of a heat stroke like during an Arkansas Summer or freeze during the Winter if you just leave the door open to allow easy access for all involved.
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