Carpet Works for Your Work

Benefits of Carpet for Your Business

The variety, look, price point, sustainability and overall performance of carpet make it the perfect choice for almost any commerical space including healthcare facilities and waiting rooms, school classrooms, most office spaces, retail centers, and more. Carpeted floors in your business will cushion walking paths and reduce the impact of slips and falls. It will also help to dull unwanted noise in your space. Now you can purchase carpets that are not only environmentally friendly and  engineered to resist staining and fading, but that will also hold up against heavy foot traffic.
More Benefits of Carpet for Businesses
Noise Reduction
Today, commerical spaces are built with open area systems. This means that phone calls and the normal employee conversations can be a noisy distraction. Installing carpet in these spaces will help with absorbing sounds and improving acoustics. If you add the proper cushion under the carpet on install, it will reduce noise levels even further. 
Low VOCs
Did you know that carpet is the lowest volatile organic compound (VOC) emitter of common floor choices? Also, it will require fewer cleaning chemicals than any other floor choice on the market today. Installing carpet in a commerical space can also contributes to better indoor air quality by trapping allergens that can easily vacuumed away. 
Cushion and Comfort
Installing carpet is the perfect choice for cushioning footsteps, reducing the chance for slips and falls, and lowering the risk for major  injuries if falls do occur. While putting carpet in an area will provide increased safety protection for anyone in the space, it can be extremely helpful for schools or facilities like hospitals or nursing homes.
Carpet is easy to customize in any facility with the variety of styles, colors, texture and more. You will have your choice of thousands of carpet styles and colors to create a space that will reflect your business’ needs, style, and culture. 
Money Saving
Just know when choosing carpet for your commerical space, it will maintain its life and beauty for many years when it is properly cleaned and maintained. The cost is often lower when going with carpet for your business compared to other flooring options. This will depend on the size needed, color, texture, style, etc. Carpet can also save you and your business money over time do to the lower cost of labor needed to maintain and the lower cost of the cleaning products needed.
If you have any other questions about choosing the right flooring for your business, contact the team at Ron Pack Carpets today!

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