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Floorigami by Shaw makes flooring easier than ever!

Floorigami by Shaw Flooring is carpet that is made to make your life and floor projects easier. It’s simple to work with and even simple to clean. If you are looking to redesign a space in your home or you are wanting to add a punch of personality with a new custom-style rug, Floorigami installs with just a few tools and requires no installation experience. 
Floorigami was created with the mindset that design and flexibility can go hand in hand. Whether you have a small space that you want to be cozier or a bigger space that you want to create a custom rug look, this is the product for you! With designer styles and tons of colors to choose from, you are sure to find the look to match your room’s style. 
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Below are some tips on the easy installation process!


Installing Floorigami

Floorigami is a DIYer’s dream! No experiance needed! Just clean, peel, and stick! Just remember, Floorigami is not designed to go over carpeted floors or carpet padding. Just pop it on top of your existing hard surface floor and you can transform your space in no time!
STEP 1: Clean it up!
  • Sweep the floor that you will be installing on. Make sure that they are free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, paint, curing agents, concrete sealers, loosely bonded toppings, loose particles and any other substance. These things may prevent or reduce adhesion.
  • If you have plywood subfloors the floors must be Wood Association Approved and primed with a paint roll application of liquid latex.
  • If you have concrete subfloors, fill depressions or cracks by using a gypsum-based patching and/or leveling compound containing Portland or high alumina cement that meets or exceeds the compression strength of 3,000 PSI.
STEP 2: Measure!
  • Start measuring as close to the center of your space.
  • Once you have identified the center of the room, the easiest thing to do would be to snap a chalk line along the horizontal or vertical line dividing your room in half. 
  • If you don’t have a chalk line, you can use painter’s tape instead. This is also useful when installing on finshed floors.
STEP 3: Design & Placement Time!
  • Each Floorigami tile has directional arrows on the back of them. These arrows allow for one-directional or multi-directional installation. 
  • Starting in the center of your room, lay out your tiles in the design you want using the directional arrows on the back of each tile.
  • Best practice is to your a pyramid pattern when laying out your tiles.  This gives you multiple alignment checks. If the edges of the tiles do not align, find and correct the source of the problem. Continue placing the tiles until you have completed half of the room.
  • As you get closer to the walls, you will have tiles that are too long or too short. Don’t worry, the next step will deal with that!
STEP 4: Cut & Stick!
  • Each Floorigami tile has adhesive applied to the back. The adhesive has a protective liner to be removed prior to installing the carpet tile.
  •  Once you have your design completed and you are read to install the tiles, simply peel the protective liner from the back and position closely and snugly to the adjacent tile. Tiles do need to fit snugly, but not be compressed.
  • TIP: Cut your tiles before you remove the liner from the adhesive. Otherwise, you may end up with not so sticky adhesive
  • If you are making a simple cut, measure and cut tiles from the back using a metal straight edge, like a box cutter, on a protected hard surface. Just make sure the arrows on the back of the tiles are pointing in the correct direction.
  • To finish up after your tiles are installed, just vacuum any loose fibers you may have.
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